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December 28, 2013
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SD13 - Everything's Better With Muppets by jbwarner86 SD13 - Everything's Better With Muppets by jbwarner86
Once upon a time, way back in 2007, I did a deviation commemorating Jim Henson and the hundreds of Muppet characters he brought to the world… As is so often the case when I look at my art six years later, I thought I could improve it. I think I’ve done a much better job of capturing the spirit of each Muppet in this drawing, as opposed to the first time around where I was more concerned with getting all the little physical details right. This is more of a work in progress, actually – I’d still like to add more characters and color it up in the future.
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LizzyChrome Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Love the squishy, toony style. And Rizzo's FACE!

IDontLikeCoffee is right, you should color this.
IDontLikeCoffee22 Mar 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You should color this!
Pretty cool that the muppets are going to be in another movie! Muppets Most Wanted! I want to so see that went it comes out!
If The Muppets was the modern answer to The Muppet Movie, then this one definitely looks like a remake of The Great Muppet Caper. Which is an extremely hard act to top, since that's my favorite Muppet film of them all.

Judging by the trailers, Muppets Most Wanted looks like it could go either way. The big problem is, I don't think I buy the central conceits of the film, namely that there's a master criminal who looks just like Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppets are too stupid to realize it's not him. I'll still see it, but I don't expect it to be phenomenal.
Now its time to make "Muppets Animated". Perfect!
I've said this on your Muppetmaster pic & I'll say it again:

"Your style of the Muppets helped me drawing Muppets easier. I mean, there are lots of other Muppet drawings, but that one helped me the most."

But on the subject of this picture, it looks great! Like you said, it's interesting on how you've progressed &, for lack of better words, "evolved" with your style. It looks a lot like this picture from 2010…The only characters missing are the Chef, Statler, Waldorf and Walter; then it'd look almost identical! & did I read correctly in that this is a work in progress & you might continue on with this? That... is... AWESOME!…

(BTW, Beaker DOESN'T have ears; sorry, it's my inner Muppet fan)

If I may, I'd like to give my opinion of each character:

For Gonzo, I find that when he's drawn with his eyelids, it somehow looks like his exciting energy is taken away. Here, it sort of works. For his jumpsuit, I think the tights looks better than a belt & pants, but I to like his G & him fanning out his cape. & is his suit with or without sleeves? Kinda hard to tell.

For Camilla, I never thought of having her wings also be normal hands (like Foghorn Leghorn's). I guess that helps if I ever decide to do a Muppets animation.

For Rowlf, he looks so innocent; very humble, which is what Rowlf is.

For Animal, his frantic look is perfect & his arms are perfectly skinny enough. & I like that you add wrist shackles to him along with his neck shackle. BTW, why are his shirt sleeves ripped? Yeah, having Animal's clothes being ripped look fine, but usually it's just either the bottom of his shirt or pants legs, not his sleeves.

For Pepe, I like how his hair looks a little slicked back. Not completely Elvis-styled, but still a little wiry. & it's hard for me to tell, but is he wearing his hoodie or his black sweater?

For Beaker, his stressed face is spot-on, especially his bulging eyes. But like I said in the other comment, he doesn't have ears; makes him look like Bart Simpson.

For Bunsen, his head's perfectly shaped, with more emphasis on his chin than his forehead. & the dimple on his mouth looks good as well. His body looks like it's based off his sack-body puppet… & even though I think Bunsen looks better as a regular live-hand puppet, here looks OK.

For Rizzo, I never thought of giving him an overbite when drawing him & I thought a long neck would make him look a little too tall. Yet here, the overbite & long neck look a lot like the puppet. In fact, the way the smile is drawn look a lot like the end if where the joint is that makes the puppet Rizzo move.

For Fozzie, maybe it's me, but when I see Fozzie in cartoon form, if he doesn't have baggy pants on, it makes him look naked. It's strange saying that since the puppet Fozzie has been shown full-bodied many times not wearing anything but his tie & hat & he looks fine.… Maybe it's 'cause he was always seen wearing baggy pants in children’s books.… Aside from that, he looks fine & you can't go wrong with the banana in the ear.

Sam I'm ALWAYS having trouble drawing. Mostly his head shape, beak & wings/hands. For here, all problems are solved. With me, I always draw him with a rounded head, not a square shape. Maybe that's the reason he always comes out looking off when I do him. For his beak, again like Rizzo, the overbite works, especially that small square-shaped bottom lip he has. With his wings, those I always try to make both normal wings AND hands (like how you did Camilla in this), but looks not proper. How do YOU see how Sam's wings should be drawn? 'Cause that saluting wing looks perfect. Please get back to me with that one.

For Dr. Teeth, the eyebrow positioning looks more evilish than cool. Aside from that, I like the hand positioning. & he actually has 5 fingers, not 4, & he's missing his rings.

For Floyd, he's always hard for me to draw along with Sam. I can draw his body fine, it's mostly his head; his head shape, mustache, mouth & hat. His head's shaped like an oval (both horizontal and vertical) & it seems like you have to give him an overbite shaped look, but it comes out wrong. For his mouth/mustache, I see that if he's animated, I think it should be like the Mayor of Townsville, but not completely covering his mouth; just his mustache making the top half of the mouth, yet the mouth can still be seen, kinda like how he is here. For his hat, my drawings have it mostly blocked by his bushy eyebrows. Here it looks like it's floating but at least it's not blocked. For his body & guitar, I prefer the new full marching band suit… instead of the original one with the ripped sleeves…, like yours.

For Janice, that pose is perfectly “groovy” which is what Janice is. Her lips are prefectly fish-lippy & her hair's very flowy. The little flower is a nice change than the peacock feather usually seen in her tan hat. Yet somehow, I think she looks better WITHOUT the hat, both puppet and illustrated, but that's just me.

For Zoot, I always seem to forgot his coolness, I seem to add more of his bummed out personality & not that much coolness, even though he is. His hair's always hard for me & again, how his hair is here will help. The top half of his hat seems a little too square & not going smaller as it nears the top; more like a top hat.

For Piggy, you got her plumpness down just as well as her beauty. Her hair looks good as well, even though I personally think she looks more glamorous with long curly hair… than short bob hair….

For Scooter, he looks more complete with his pencil & clipboard. The headset he sometimes has can be optional, either pupper or drawing. His jacket looks good as well & his hair's pertectly stringy. Only problem is he's missing his ears.

And finally, for Kermit, maybe it's 'cause this is in pencil, but his head looks a little off. Maybe it's the circle base. His smile looks a little off as well. His fingers are a little plump & he actually has 5 fingers, like Dr. Teeth. Aside from those, I like how well his neck slides to his collar AND his body.

Overall, a fantastic update of your old Muppetmaster pic. Can't wait for what else you plan to add to this.

IDontLikeCoffee22 Jan 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Love how the Electric Mayhem look!
Lizlovestoons12 Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Very nice!
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